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Think. Renew. Inspire.


It is an unwavering commitment to think, renew and inspire that guides TRI Pointe Homes. Our company’s core values of quality, integrity and excellence are the driving force behind innovative designs that connect with the individual.

Insightful thinking - anticipating and encompassing all the events and needs of the individual and the families that will live in our new homes - is demanded. A passionate desire to renew a sense of belonging by creating spaces that invite both energized interaction and peaceful solitude is critical. An ability to inspire the hundreds of experts involved in building our homes to take pride and care in their craftsmanship is essential to satisfying every homeowner’s highest expectations.

We are the next generation of homebuilders in California and Colorado, and we believe to think, renew and inspire are not only guiding principles, but also the source of energy that will lead TRI Pointe Homes to new insights and a promising future.

TRI Pointe Homes, empowered by our commitment to you.

Take a moment to consider what matters in your life. Reflect on how you might discover ways to make things even better, if you took the time to explore ways of doing things differently. That's the approach we take to create homes that enrich the lives of the families who live in them.
Imagine living in a home where you always could find a place for treasured moments with your family and friends. Somewhere you could quietly create your own special memories of growing up, as well. That's the feeling we seek to renew with every new home we build.
Envision a place far beyond the expectations of everyday life. Lift your mind to the possibilities of a home that welcomes you to a world of friendly warmth and personal comfort. That's the dream we look forward to inspiring in the families we're here to serve.