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We create neighborhoods and experiences based on value and reward for our homebuyers. We focus on individuality, authenticity and integrity to raise the bar for our homeowners.

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We sweat the small stuff, because details matter. To be a premium brand, every touchpoint matters. From the design to craftsmanship, merchandising to maintenance and customer service—nothing portrays “quality” and “passion” like seamless attention to all the little things.


Impressive job growth, four-season fun and south east charm are just a few reasons we’re excited about our newest expansion to the Carolinas with a division office in Charlotte and initial operations in both Charlotte and Raleigh.

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Building HomeSmart® Technology Into Every Home You’re in the kitchen and elbow deep into cooking a quick dinner before your famished family comes charging through the door.   Just as...

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UNEXPECTED CUSTOMER CARE UN-HAPPY CUSTOMER SUPRISED BY EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE Here at TRI Pointe Homes, we receive some of the kindest notes from our happy customers telling us how much they love...

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COOKING UP STYLE When it comes to cooking up style in the kitchen, it’s all about the details, big and small. Your choice of cabinetry or countertops make a big statement, but little...