We first met Cuong Nguyen and his family while they were home shopping in Huntington Beach. Not long after they purchased a home at Fairwind, we learned a few valuable lessons from him on Facebook. He told us about his experience and the details that mattered to him—the big things down to the little ones. His excitement was contagious! That’s why we want to share his story with you…


For Cuong and his wife, Andrea, it was about the American Dream. Cuong was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with his mother when he was just 2 years old. At 16, he became a U.S. citizen and worked extremely hard his entire life with one goal: to make good things happen for his family. His wife’s journey from Vietnam was very similar, coming to the United States as a young adult. Now, they are married with two great kids and both have impressive careers in finance.

Prior to their new home search, the Nguyens lived in Garden Grove near Disneyland for more than 10 years. They loved the location, but were very underwhelmed by their old home’s design and craftsmanship. So the only thing missing from the Nguyen’s American Dream was the dream home.

“The problem was that it wasn’t built with quality in mind,” said Cuong. “The doors weren’t exactly straight and parts of the house were starting to fall apart. It was our first home, so I didn’t know what to ask or what to look for.”


The Nguyens’ interest in TRI Pointe Homes was first sparked when they were introduced to Truewind in Huntington Beach, Fairwind’s sister community. Though the timing wasn’t quite right to buy at Truewind, they kept their eye on TRI Pointe.

“When we first heard of Fairwind’s grand opening, we immediately fell in love. I joined the interest list right away, and as soon as the models opened, we visited that weekend,” said Cuong. “The floor plan was great, and we felt that area was perfect for us!”

After seven months and watching phase after phase rapidly sell out, the Nguyens decided to finally make the move and bought in Fairwind’s final phase. “We didn’t get in until the very end, but we felt like we were really lucky,” said Cuong. “…Or that maybe it was meant to be this way!”

The Nguyens were even more pleased with the home buying experience.

“The details of working with a fine team of people, from the agents who helped us through the signing and paperwork, to the customer service reps who made sure that the small flaws were taken care of quickly, to the construction workers who took care to craft our home with great artisanship, and to walk us through our new home at the end. The process of buying a new home is not flawless, but indeed it is how you handle the mistakes that tells you about a company’s character.”


Cuong and his family live in Residence 2 and love the open layout of their home. The biggest surprise of their purchase was the impressive list of high-end included features—“[s]mall things like a tankless water heater so our family won’t run out of hot water … and other features to help us cleanly lower our electricity bill.” It felt like an upgraded home, even before they had personalized any selections.

Working with TRI Pointe’s design consultant at Chateau Interiors & Design proved to be another enjoyable experience. “In the same way that TRI Pointe is thoughtful, [Chateau] was extremely thoughtful to get to know what we liked and what we were looking for.”

To the Nguyens, each dollar they spent in upgrades was absolutely worth it and has added immense value to their home. “We just felt like we were getting a tremendous value,” said Cuong. “We are big supporters of how TRI Pointe does business, and how they build communities – not just houses.”

So, Cuong, are you living the dream?

“What I mean by ‘The American Dream,’ is that I’m a homeowner, we have great kids, and everything is just really good,” explained Cuong. “[W]e own our new TRI Pointe home … We’re building a life now that we are proud of and will sustain us well into the future.”

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