See it...Achieve it in 2018

Vision Boards Represent Your Future

2018 is officially here and it’s time to think about our goals and aspirations for the year to come. And what better way to put peace and prosperity into motion in the New Year than by creating vision boards?

Because when you see it, you can BE it.

Vision boards allow you to display your goals with pictures that represent your dreams for the future. Want to sail into summer with a new boat? Envision it on your board. Hoping for a new job? Picture it there by adding a photo of your ideal career.

See your future every day in not just images, but words, too. Fill your vision board with words and phrases that capture the spirit of your goals for the New Year. Words like “prosperity” or “travel” or “health.” These words may represent a plan or may simply make you feel inspired.

Choose carefully, though. Strive selectively for words and images that best encapsulate your hopes for the New Year. Stay focused, just as you will in your pursuit of these dreams.

Feel free to use a variety of materials. Whether you use poster paper or heavy-duty corkboard, there are plenty of ways to creatively express your vision. Pinterest offers plenty of ideas for how to arrange your goals.

Once complete, display your vision board in a spot where you will see it often, whether at home or at work. Then simply absorb those images on a daily basis and watch your hopes materialize right before your eyes.

Happy New Year!

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