Architecture and Design at Overlook

Choosing the right architectural style and design for your new home is an exciting venture! Whether your purchasing your first home or moving into the latest of many, you’ll want to find what suits your unique taste.

Tri Pointe Homes makes it easy to discover what you love at its new community of Overlook at Summit Park in Maple Valley. With three popular home styles — Craftsman, Transitional Farmhouse and Prairie. The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the right details and features that suit your style best. Schedule a private tour today to see for yourself at our three exceptional model homes.

Each impressive new home at Overlook offers an experience that is both classic and contemporary. Let’s take a look at the styles’ distinguishing features:


Craftsman homes have an alluring charm that many find irresistible. Created initially in response to the Industrial Revolution, this style sought to return to the simple, but finely-crafted designs made by artisans.

Natural elements define the Craftsman home. Tri Pointe Homes uses stone, wood and brick to create a handcrafted feel to these attractive homes. Beautiful front porches detailed with decorative columns, low-pitched rooflines and artisanal details add curb appeal. Interiors feature open floor plans, exposed columns that create a larger-than-life feel and large windows that allow you to bring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest inside.

Transitional Farmhouse.

If you’ve ever tuned into home improvement television shows, you’ll recognize the exploding popularity of modern farmhouse architecture. These homes are a fresh take on traditional farmhouses allowing for today’s lifestyles. A Transitional Farmhouse is characterized by an open floor plan to make your space feel light and airy and lots of windows to let in as much natural sunlight as possible.

Farmhouses often have a distinctive gable roof and carriage-style garage doors. And don’t forget the porch—an essential characteristic of a Transitional Farmhouse. Add rocking chairs or a porch swing to make it a cozy gathering space.


Prairie homes are influenced by the Craftsman style, but in general are sleeker and more contemporary. Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright championed the Prairie-style home, seeking an alternative to ornate Victorian homes. He created open floor plan designs and placed an emphasis on horizontal lines, rather than vertical. Key elements in Prairie homes include simple, natural materials like stone and wood, open flowing interiors, long flat roofs, rows of windows and a horizontal orientation.

You can find all three styles at Overlook at Summit Park. At this Tri Pointe Homes community, residents can enjoy an active lifestyle, connect with nature and take advantage of many dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities nearby. Homes built in Craftsman, Transitional Farmhouse and Prairie styles complement the area’s natural setting. The fresh, modern homes are built for today’s way of life and reflect quality in every detail, from innovative architecture to designer touches.

Looking for a special home that suits your individual taste but provides easy access to the city and nature? Connect with a Tri Pointe New Home Specialist.