Move Now or Build To Suit? Which New Home Opportunity Is Right for You?

Inspiring new home designs. Brand new features and finishes. Great neighborhood amenities. Finding your new home with everything just right is an exciting journey full of discovery! And when buying a new home, you get to decide exactly how you’d like that journey to look. What’s right for you? Several factors may tip the scale. Let this handy guide help you decide.


When it comes to new home possibilities, you get to choose your own experience. On one end of the spectrum is what is often called a move-in ready home. Construction and finishes are already completed (or nearly completed) and your new home is ready for you to put out the welcome mat. The floor plan and the homesite meet your wish list, and a dream team of design experts have selected materials and colors that work together beautifully. 

On the other end of the spectrum is a home yet to be built — where you choose your favorite floor plan and homesite and go from there. When you get in this early, before construction has started, you can choose flex space options (extra garage space or a home offce, for example), not to mention work with a professional team of co-creators at our Design Studio to select flooring, cabinet materials, counter tops, paint colors and finishing touches that give your new home everything you’ve ever wanted. 

And then there’s something in between. At this stage, the floor plan layout and the homesite have already been selected, and construction is underway. In this scenario, a team of new home professionals will have decided, say, the fourth bedroom would make a great home office, and our Design Studio experts have chosen most of the fixtures and finishes. But, depending on when you fall in love with this particular home, you may still be able to choose your countertops, flooring or other personalizing touches and move-in sooner.


Timing may be one of the biggest factors in a decision to build or to buy a move-in ready home. Are you moving to accommodate a new job opportunity, settle in before school starts or plan for a growing family? If time is of the essence, a move-in ready home offers convenience with a quicker timeline. 

If you aren’t in a big hurry, you may opt to build your new home from the ground up. This approach takes more time and allows you to consider all your options – from homesite and floor plan selection to choosing flex space options and the interior design details most important to you.


Many people think working with professionals at the Design Studio is the most exciting part of the entire homebuying process, but how involved you want to be will make a difference. Experienced with every taste and style and fully up to date on the latest design trends and materials, the team at the Design Studio can help guide your selections to personalize and create the home of your dreams. Or, they can do all the heavy lifting and design every aspect of the home before you even get there, carefully curating the entire look with colors, finishes and a style for you to fall in love with. Either way, Design Studio experts are always ready to help bring your dream to life.


There’s no need to leave your current home when you can search for your perfect new home from anywhere. Take advantage of digital tools like:

  • Virtual tours. Found a neighborhood you like but aren’t sure which floor plan will best accommodate your lifestyle? Take a virtual look! View kitchens made for your chef-inspired creations, closet space to dream of and outdoor living for entertaining. You may discover your ideal home has already been completed or decide you want to build a new home from the ground up.
  • Interactive floor plans. Bring out your inner designer. Use technology to experiment with different home options like flex spaces, a home office or a multi-generational suite. On some interactive floor plans, you can even arrange your furniture virtually to see how it will fit into your new space.
  • Interactive site maps. If you’ve found a neighborhood you love, an interactive site map will help you discover the availability of homes, homesites and neighborhood amenities within the community.
  • Online scheduling. Schedule an onsite tour to visit a model home, a neighborhood or even that perfect move-in ready home — all at your convenience.


When deciding whether to buy a move-in ready home or build from the ground up, it comes down to what works best for you. Building new allows you to design your dream home how you’ve always imagined. On the other hand, a completed move-in ready home leaves all the decisions to a team of design experts and gives you the convenience of a quicker timeline. There’s no wrong choice!