A Brand New Home Helps Your Homebuyers Fast Forward to Happily Ever After

Maybe you can relate to this scenario: You and your client pull into the driveway of an older home, hoping to love it, but it all goes downhill quickly. The online photos? Evidently doctored in Photoshop. The kitchen? Smells like fish. And, surprise! The homeowner decided to stick around. It’s a demoralizing, frustrating experience for everybody.

Know where that never, ever happens? In a brand-new model home. And that’s just one reason why you and your clients should visit a TRI Pointe Homes neighborhood. Here are five more.

#1: New Home = No Surprises

What’s lurking under that old carpet in the resale living room? When was that linoleum in the bathroom installed? How old are those fixtures? And for the love of Pete, what is the story with the foundation? These are the kinds of questions that come with the resale territory. And the answers to every single one of them can mean extra (extra, extra, extra) expenses for your homebuyer. A TRI Pointe Home, on the other hand, is brand new. You can smell the shiny. Go ahead! Fall in love!

#2: Modern Floor Plans = No Walls to Tear Down

That 1930s Spanish Bungalow or stylish Craftsman is undeniably beautiful on the outside, but inside, it’s a warren of little, itty-bitty rooms. And walls. So many walls. To get the airy, open look that today’s homebuyers crave, those walls will have to come down; the floor plan will have to be reorganized; and for darn certain, the kitchen liberated from its little boxed-in nook. But breezy open plans are a hallmark of TRI Pointe Homes design (and so are amazing kitchens).

#3: Personalization = Your Home, Your Way From Day One

Homes by TRI Pointe Homes come with options. Lots of them! And that means your client creates the home of their dreams, picking and choosing from among cabinet colors, flooring, paint, floor plan and locations, even room configurations (den, or extra bedroom?). And at every step of the way, our talented design experts are here to help.

#4: Energy Efficiency = No Need to Upgrade

The times, they are a changing. Especially in California, new building codes governing water use and energy efficiency, etc., can be taxing to homebuyers retrofitting an older home. Older homes also largely predate construction and design innovations that can help keep utility bills down. Which leads us to another solid argument for purchasing new construction: TRI Pointe Homes are built to the latest, strictest specifications and incorporate the newest building technology.

#5: Happy Clients = Good Times for Everybody

Our homes are built to make your clients happy. Happy homeowners are our number one goal! And we appreciate the faith you put in us and all that we stand for. So when you bring your clients to a TRI Pointe Homes neighborhood for the first time, please be sure to accompany them to our New Home Gallery for registration. When they close escrow, you get a referral fee. It’s our little way of saying thank you.


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