Zoom Meetings

Bring some premium style to your next video chat. We’ve curated a special set of images so you can liven up all your calls—from team meetings to client presentations. Try on the TRI Pointe Homes lifestyle, show off your favorite office interior, and have a little fun with these Zoom backgrounds.

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WORK FROM HOME, IN STYLE With so many of us in work-from-home (or WFH) mode now, there’s a lot that’s new. Whether you’ve long been a PJ warrior, or you’re new to working from home, the work week looks a little different from here. If it’s fresh ideas you want, or a new twist on …

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New vs. Resale. (Spoiler: It’s not even close)

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely in the market for a new home. Or, like us, you’ve been spending more time at home and have run out of dance videos to try. Either way, you’re also probably wondering about resale homes, weighing the pros and cons of each. Bottom line, you’re doing your …

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GET YOUR GLOW ON Let’s talk lighting. It’s important to the form, function and finish of home design. From traditional to contemporary styles, brushed metals to high-gloss finishes, and shapes that make a statement, a well chosen light fixture adds a touch of brilliance to any room. Read on for a few of our favorite …

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The Art of Community

THE ART OF COMMUNITY Here’s why we love street art… it’s shareable! It belongs to the community, and it looks great on your social feed too. #StreetArt  So, what’s a blank block wall at a TRI Pointe community? It’s a canvas. And at our new community in Center City Anaheim, it was our opportunity to …

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Cozy Farmhouse Style

COZY FARMHOUSE STYLE Did you know the Danish have a name for cozy style? It’s called ‘hygge’ (pronounced HOO-gah) and it’s all about comfort and conviviality, the kinds of spaces that make you want to grab a mug of tea (or a glass of wine!) and curl up on a sofa with friends, a cat, …

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FALL FOR FLOORING Have we mentioned that we’re flooring fanatics? There are so many great options and choices, but best of all, flooring allows you to make big statements about your personal style. The colors you choose, the shapes and textures, they all tell a story. Want to know how? Check out some of our …

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Ceilings with Style

CEILINGS WITH STYLE Want to be a Home Enthusiast other design aficionados can look up to? Then start looking up! Ceiling treatments offer an unexpected opportunity to add style and flair to your space. Even better, they can do wonders to expand a room or add an artistic element with color, texture, and even graphic …

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Curb Appeal: The Architectural Story of Celestia and Mystral at Skyline

Curb Appeal: The Architectural Story of Celestia and Mystral at Skyline With views stretching to the horizon and starry skies twinkling overhead, Skyline is a place that will make you think about endless possibilities. So when it was time to create the architecture for Celestia and Mystral, architect Dave Kosco at Bassenian Lagoni knew he …

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Adulting Done Right

Adulting Done Right Sometimes adulting is hard—bills, work, chores… you know what we mean. So when you’re all grown up and buying a new home, we say you’ve got to do it right. #AdultingDoneRight. Whether you call it a man cave or mom lair, party pad or personal sanctuary, we all need one area of …

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