Here at TRI Pointe Homes, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of our customers and the planet, which is why we launched our LivingSmart® company-wide program in 2001. Through its five components, we pursue our commitment to green building all year round. . . not just on Earth Day, and create homes where people can grow mindful of the impact their day-to-day activities have on the Earth.  Learn more, LivingSmart®


Not sure how to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd? Actually, there are many little things you can do to make a big impact on this important day dedicated to educating and activating the environmental movement across the globe:


Clean. That’s right. Take an afternoon to clean up your neighborhood or local park and rid it of trash. Bring the kids along and make it a teaching moment. It only takes a little TLC to make a difference. And this is a great way to give back to your community.


Recycle. Spring is the perfect time to give your closets and garage a brisk cleaning. Toss whatever counts as trash, but offer up newer, better items for reuse by donating to local second-hand stores. Pack up old computers and other gadgets and donate to electronics recyclers. And handoff paint and other toxic mixtures to designated collection agencies.


Grow. Not only are gardens a great way to grow healthy foods for your family’s meals, but growing gardens is also a wonderful way to replenish the Earth’s resources by planting trees, herbs and other vegetation. Just think of all that fresh, wonderful oxygen you will introduce into their air.


Move. Yes, it’s really that simple. Tidy up the house. Fire up the treadmill. Walk to the store or post office if the weather permits. Or better yet, challenge yourself to a 5k walk or race.


Unplug. Turn off the lights, especially if you don’t need them in order to see. Disconnect appliances. Turn off the television and read a book. Put down the phone and enjoy a healthy meal and a board game with your family. Read. Breathe. Embrace the moment.


CLICK HERE for a listing of fun Earth Day celebrations in happening in Denver.


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