Canvas is all about inspiration. Coloring outside the lines. Making your own rules and living boldly. Plus, it’s right in the heart of one of most exciting, historically-rooted urban neighborhoods in Anaheim, boasting amazing options for rooftop living. So when it came time to create the architecture for the Canvas neighborhoods of Claret, Violet and Cerise, the team at WHA Architects knew they’d be using every color in their proverbial crayon box. Canvas is an inspiring, wow-filled wonderland with architecture as eclectic as Anaheim Center City. Here’s how the look and feel came together.

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Q: How did Anaheim’s history influence the architectural designs for Canvas?
Canvas is located within the Anaheim Colony historic district, better known to many people as home to Center City and The Packing House market and food hall. It’s been an urban zone of bustling commercial activity for generations, and it used to be surrounded by citrus groves. We brought all those influences together at Canvas. The architecture includes Spanish Eclectic, Traditional, and Modern elevations, which sounds like a broad spectrum, but it’s totally in keeping with both the community’s roots and the eclectic, layered feel of the surrounding area. There’s an artistic vibe.

Get a closer look at Violet.

Q: Did you tweak these architectural styles to reflect the lifestyle at Canvas?
We definitely did. Canvas is a unique place, so we thought our job was to take historical precedence and bump it up a bit. There’s timeless character here, but it’s fresh. We’re playing with history, not doing a literal interpretation. For example, the Spanish Eclectic style at Violet still has arched canopies, but the roofline is totally different. In fact, there are no full roofs anywhere at Canvas, because every collection here integrates rooftop living. And once you start playing with rooflines, everything about massing and scale changes. Architecture at Canvas feels familiar, but never cliché. It’s playful and very current.

Cerise at Canvas: Residence 3 Rooftop Deck
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Q: How is the architecture at Canvas special?
The rooftop opportunities give Canvas a sense of verticality, that ‘look up’ feeling you get walking down a city street. And then there’s the mix of both single-family detached and attached row homes. Situating the different types of homes and architectural styles in different parts of the Canvas community creates that layered feeling of neighborhoods within a neighborhood, like it’s grown over time the way cities do. Nothing here feels typical or cookie cutter. There’s a sense of spontaneity.

Check out the color palette at Canvas.

Q: What role does color and texture play at Canvas?
The color palette is pretty neutral—a blank canvas, really (couldn’t miss that opportunity!). But even within that calm palette we use color blocking to break up and articulate the exteriors. We also use textures like red brick, red tile roofing elements, metal awnings and accent horizontal siding. When color is used here, it pops. Canvas makes a bold impression.


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