When you’re designing a place called Lyric, ‘harmony’ should always be top of mind. And when you walk down the street at Lyric at Cadence Park at Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine, the streetscape does seem to sing. Individually, the shapes, styles and even color palettes of Lyric’s Contemporary, Transitional Modern, and Abstract Traditional architecture are bold and striking. Together, they’re rhythmic and melodious. We talked to, Kevin M. Karami of SDK Architects, to learn more about the secrets behind Lyric’s architectural flair. Here’s what he had to say about the three eye-catching styles.

Lyric One-XA and Two-XB Renderings - Contemporary Architecture

Q: What does ‘contemporary’ mean when you’re talking about modern architecture?

A: The roots of modern architecture can be traced to social and technological changes in the 1920s. But by definition, ‘contemporary’ means always changing and evolving, so modern design is very individual and expresses different international influences. It isn’t fixed to a specific set of aesthetic characteristics or values.

Q: Then, what was your focus for creating the Contemporary style at Lyric?

A: We focused on the homes’ clean lines with flat roofs, gridded corner windows, and massed simple shapes. To soften the home’s architectural statement, we used a soft, neutral palette and minimal exterior ornamentation. Earthy stone accents blend with the exterior landscaping. And on the three-story homes, indoor-outdoor spaces put angular architectural forms to functional use creating deep, cool rooftop shade.

Lyric One-XB and Two-XB Renderings - Transitional Modern Architecture

Q: Tell me about Lyric’s Transitional Modern style.

A: We were inspired by mid-century architecture with its sloped roofs and  minimal ornamentation which  keeps the focus on the design’s simplicity and sophistication. At Lyric, Transitional Modern homes marry traditional and modern elements, like gridded windows and vertical siding mixed with bold color blocking.

Q: How did you translate Transitional Modern architecture from the two- to the three-story homes?

A: Working with strong shapes and sloped roofs allows us to build vertically while keeping the architecture light and open. Decks and balconies add interest to the front elevation and lighten up interiors. Indoor-outdoor spaces on three-story homes connect the bonus room to the rooftop deck, creating a self-contained entertaining space.

Lyric One-XC and Two-XC Renderings - Abstract Traditional Architecture

Q: How would you describe the Abstract Traditional style?

A: Abstract Traditional is about exploring forms and colors. One could say that Abstract Traditional architecture is not about making a perfect copy of real style. Instead, it is ‘representational’ of American traditional saltboxes and simply massed farmhouse shapes. It’s like a new twist on Farmhouse style.

Q: What features make Lyric’s Abstract Traditional architecture stand out?

A: The architectural signatures of Farmhouse style include gable end roofs and board-and-batten siding, both of which are incorporated into the Abstract Traditional architecture at Lyric. Door styles and exterior lighting fixtures are also drawn from Farmhouse vernacular, along with the crisp, white color palette. It looks great against the landscape.

Which architectural style hits your favorite notes? Whether it’s Contemporary, Transitional Modern or Abstract Traditional, we can’t wait to find the home that fits you perfectly. Contact a New Home Specialist today to schedule a private tour of Lyric at Cadence Park or any of our Southern California neighborhoods.

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