You’ve found the perfect community. You’ve found the home of your dreams. You’ve pictured your party guests walking through the front door, kids running to the refrigerator, puppy paws chasing a bouncing ball, and yourself waltzing up the stairs to a dreamy master suite. Yup, this life will suit you.

So now, on to interior design—the opportunity to bring the vision to life! As you might imagine, your home flooring is one of the most important design choices you can make to ensure the lasting beauty of your home. It can say a lot about you. It can define your personal style and create the overall mood of your home. And it can keep up with your lifestyle—parties, kids, puppies… oh my!

Lucky for TRI Pointe homebuyers, design experts, like Beverly Messemer from Residential Design Services, are on hand to help make sure the flooring you choose is perfect for your home and your lifestyle. Haven’t met Beverly yet? That’s okay. This month, we bring you Beverly’s top seven secrets to picking the perfect floor.


Some of our favorite flooring looks—showcased at various TRI Pointe Homes models throughout Southern California!

Ever been invited to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Well, when you’re picking flooring, our advice is to picture your own shoes and those of your loved ones—including those puppy paws—walking, running and waltzing on your carefully chosen floor! It’s your day-to-day lifestyle that should guide you to flooring options that work for you, not against you.

This is when working with our interior designers is really helpful. According to Beverly, you’ll start by thinking about these questions…

Do you have children? What are their ages? Do you have pets? Large animals or small animals? How often do you generally clean your current floors? Do you like a matte or polished floor? Or are you a fan of something more rustic-looking?

Design experts will work though all of these questions with you, and they can show you options that are durable for pets, washable for kids, patterned to hide messes, indoor-outdoor compatible… and let’s get real—something that looks good.


From carpet, to hardwood flooring to tile, there are many different trends taking place in the industry. One that’s really catching everyone’s eye right now is tile flooring…but not just any tile flooring.

Porcelain tiles that are made to look like wood planks are everywhere these days, and according to Beverly, homebuyers are absolutely loving them: “These faux wood porcelain tiles are generally cut to match the average size of a wood plank, which is 8”x 24” or 8”x 26”. They are versatile, easy to clean, and have great styles available. With faux wood porcelain tiles, you can have your cake and eat it too!”

And, did we mention that it’s easy to clean?! Porcelain tiles are perfect for wet areas like baths and the laundry room and for the homebuyer who wants a no-fuss floor. More resilient than laminate and real hardwood, it can even be wet-mopped. Plus, porcelain tile’s durability makes it the go-to option for families with children and pets. If peace of mind is what you’re after, then this is the golden ticket.


Serrano Ridge Residence One—This laminate floor proves you can get the beautiful look of wood for a great value!

Let’s talk about laminate. Boy, has it come a long way! Laminate flooring is another popular choice for homebuyers, and it’s much less of an investment than natural wood can be. However, don’t let a lower price point fool you.

“Over the last five to ten years, a lot has changed, and it’s hard for the average person to tell the difference between a laminate and real wood floor,” shares Beverly. Since it will not scratch as easily, laminate is more resilient than natural hardwood. This flooring choice also requires less upkeep to maintain. It can be lightly mopped, but cleaning solutions should not be sprayed directly onto the floor, and any water spills should be cleaned up immediately. Laminate floors are a good option for kitchens, dining and living areas.

If you’re looking to show off your creative side, another benefit of laminate is that it can come embossed, distressed, smooth and hand-scraped. With all the styles, colors and textures, your options are endless, and you’ll certainly be able to find your desired look with a laminate floor.


An oldie but a goodie, there are many homebuyers who’ve always dreamed of having real wood flooring. Those people are in luck! When it comes to natural wood flooring, customization is what it’s all about. The price point, design, width, style, and finish are things that can be easily tailored to help you achieve your aesthetic vision.

For a high-style option, natural wood flooring also offers high function. Choosing a distressed look camouflages scratches and dings, which makes it a great choice for those with children and pets. Real wood floors can also be sanded and finished many times over the course of the life of your home.

“When it comes to trends in design, we see many buyers leaning towards a more rustic look with wider planks and lighter wood colors like light brown, greys and colors with warm undertones,” shared Beverly. These colors are very neutral from a design perspective and will certainly add a stunning, classic feel to any home.


Every decade has its trends. Now, more and more people are opting to go light and bright in their homes with everything from countertops to cabinets…and flooring is no exception! Many find that the lighter the floor, the less cleaning that’s needed, while the darker floors can require a bit more effort to maintain. We’re talking dust bunnies and footprints.


Kite Ridge Residence Three—The large format shows off the beautiful pattern of this porcelain tile that unifies the entry and great room.

When we say super-size it, we don’t mean your French fries! We’re talking tile… and lots of it. It’s available in all shapes and sizes, and the bigger the tile, the bigger the statement. There are stunning designs available in tile now, from the tried-and-true stones to the marble-look porcelain tiles that are of the moment. And to show off the beautiful patterns, larger tile allows the material to be the focus, not your grout lines. In addition, Beverly notes, “When you minimize the grout lines, the room appears to be one, large seamless floor, adding a sense of depth to your favorite spaces.” (Not to mention, it’s easier to clean.)


Grey has dominated the home décor scene in recent years with grey walls and furniture, and a myriad of grey-toned hard surface flooring options. “Overall, people stick with neutral options for flooring, timeless colors that will withstand the latest trend. Given its neutral hue, grey is proving to be a fit flooring choice,” says Beverly. She also noted that carpet manufacturers have come up with new color collections to serve this still-growing trend, which means you can have a whole-house coordinated look.

Looking for more inspiration? See samples of Beverly’s work (and that of other flooring experts) in TRI Pointe Homes’ Southern California model homes. Click for a list of open communities.>>

Do you have a floor you absolutely love? What about a new flooring idea or trend you’d love to see in your home? Share it with us, along with your photos, on our Facebook page. Or share this article with someone you know who needs help deciding on their home flooring.

Influencer Bio:

Beverly Messemer, VP of Sales/Marketing – Residential Design Services

Beverly grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, went to college at University of Cincinnati, was lucky to live in NYC for a few years, which by the way, is still one of her favorite cities! She found her passion and career path in real estate right out of college, so she been in the industry for 33 years, and she has had the pleasure of wearing many hats in that time: working for a custom home builder, a real estate broker, and Chicago Title, managing their National Business Accounts. Her home for the past 7 years has been at Residential Design Service. She happily says: “I am very fortunate and lucky to say, that after 33 years I still love and enjoy my job!”


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