Every Day Is Earth Day

The world is set to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, but TRI Pointe Homes makes a point of supporting earth friendliness every single day of the year. We do it with our LivingSmart® model that brings out the very best in technology and innovation to reduce cost, waste and energy use for the amazing families that live in our intelligently designed residences.


That means we use sustainable materials when we build our homes. We use products that are healthy for families who live in our homes. And we embrace energy efficient and smart technology solutions that keep costs down and everything moving along smoothly in the home.

Being mindful of the Earth and its precious resources is something we take very seriously. In fact, TRI Pointe Homes has led the way in building “green” since 2001. And we have expanded our efforts over the years, always striving to improve the quality of life for the families and communities we serve.


Being at the leading edge of innovation like this is easy when you are committed to living clean and responsibly. It’s especially easy knowing that our TRI Pointe Homes families are committed to the same thing.


We ask that our families continue to work to conserve resources with such initiatives as the Plastic Free Challenge,  a great way to get involved to raise awareness while reducing usage.


Coming together every day to improve the lives of others and to preserve the vital gifts and resources that this amazing planet affords its humble inhabitants. The winners? Every single one of us.

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