We think one of the highest compliments you can bestow upon a space is to say that it’s ‘flexible.’ Because a flex room takes your needs to heart. Hey, some of us need a craft room as badly as some others of us need a home office or a multi-gen suite! Point is, a flex room is all about getting personal, tailoring home to work hard for you. And if it can do so while looking amazing, even better. That’s why this month we rounded up a bunch of inspirational photos to show off some of the stylish flex spaces at Mystral, located at Skyline in Santa Clarita. Take a look and get ready to be wowed by the possibilities.


Mystral Residence One: Craft Room

“I love to have crafting supplies spread out all over my living room,” said no one ever. Which is why this hardworking space makes our DIY-loving hearts go pitter patter.

Mystral Residence One: Craft Room

Slide open the colorful barn door (how cute is that?) and enter a tidy sanctum that’s equal parts right and left brain, boasting a long tabletop work space and fun chalkboard message center to get the artistic juices flowing, plus built-in, clutter-busting storage to satisfy your itch for organization. Whenever someone wants to start a new project, you’re suddenly happy to say, “Yes!”.


Mystral Residence Two: Kid Zone

Home life is changing faster than you can post a viral #MomLife video. How to keep up? Or even better, get ahead of the game? It’s all about zones. Like this kid zone, complete with its bookworm-approved teepee. The wee ones can spread out and get their play on, and the mess stays out of sight of the living room. Meanwhile, directly across, Mom rules the super pantry. With room for a center island, it’s the perfect space for making grocery lists, writing blog posts, and dreaming up the next family adventure. Or, you know, having the girls over for a little wine tasting.


Mystral Residence Three Office

If you’ve ever worked from home, you know the secret to success is having a structured space that says, “This is where the magic happens.” The other secret is being able to leave that space at the end of your workday and return to your regularly scheduled life. An ample office—with plenty of built-in organization, lots of light, and a door, so you can be all-in or all-out—fits the bill. And here’s a tip: invest in a sizeable desk. Not only does it give off that ‘Master of the Universe’ vibe, but your laptop, files, paperwork, devices, and even a pretty plant or two won’t be fighting for dominance (or cascading onto the floor).


Mystral Residence Three: Multi-Generational Suite

These days, the biggest luxury is being able to welcome family members and friends under your roof. And then, to find new rhythms for living together without anyone sacrificing privacy… that’s where the multi-gen suite comes in.

Mystral Residence Three: Multi-Generational Suite

A home within a home, complete with a microwave and mini fridge. Styled as an open-plan studio, this one’s a breezy high-functioning retreat with great extras like built-in cabinetry, an ensuite bath, and backyard access through its own slider. Welcome home.

Now that you’ve got the scoop, what kind of flex space would make a world of difference in your home? Share and comment on our Facebook page @TRIPointeSoCal. And get excited, because there’s even more to see and be inspired by at our model homes across Southern California. Find a neighborhood and visit today! www.tripointehomes.com/southerncalifornia/.


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