We Salute Planet Earth

April 22nd marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a special day helping to promote awareness of environmental issues affecting our amazing planet and preserving its natural gifts.


Celebrate Earth Day by appreciating and respecting the natural world. Many little things can make a big impact, from personal recycling to just cleaning up in your own community. Step outside to enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk and pick up trash you see in your neighborhood.


Another way is to simply unplug. When not in use remember to turn off the lights, disconnect appliances, turn off the TV and read a book! Put down the phone and enjoy a healthy meal or quality time with your family. 


Growing a garden is a great way to add healthy foods to your family’s meals, plus a wonderful way to replenish resources whether you are planting trees, herbs or other vegetation.

TRI Pointe Homes has always been dedicated to conserving our planet’s natural resources, not just on Earth Day but all year round.  Our LivingSmart® program provides energy and cost-saving features designed to lessen the impact that our day-to-day activities create thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Happy Earth Day, we hope our ideas have inspired you! There’s so much each one of us can do to help protect and restore our planet.

CLICK HERE for more details and the many additional options available with LivingSmart® by TRI Pointe Homes.


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