It’s a little like love at first sight. You walk through the front door of a model home and you’re swept off your feet. You may not even know how many bedrooms it has, but you’re ready to declare, “You’re the one!”

You belong to a group we like to call Home Enthusiasts. You may not be able to put your finger on why you feel the way you do, but you’ve given your heart to home design. Consider this a 7-step, self-help guide to the allures of the TRI Pointe model home. Next time you’re looking to commit, it will help you spot the model home charms that are most important to you.

Kite Ridge Residence Three Model—We call it the Father of the Bride home.


You’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to your new home, the exterior makes a powerful first impression. A variety of architectural styles with distinct and charming details is offered at each community. Your favorite homesite may feature Monterey, Cottage, Spanish, Traditional or California Bungalow style—just to name a few. We’ve planned an inviting street scene that ensures that your new home is uniquely yours!

Kite Ridge Residence One—High ceilings, big windows, sweet dreams.


Take note of the dimensions! Ceiling height may not change your square footage, but a little volume overhead goes a long way to making rooms feel spacious and comfortable. Home shoppers appreciate the breezy quality afforded by 9-foot ceilings on both floors. Add generous window sizes that bring in natural light and invite the outdoors in. How’s that for a change of scenery?


A team of experts painstakingly plans functionality, symmetry and harmony for each room, from the alignment of ceiling lights and air registers to balanced placement of windows. Look for things that are conveniently and intentionally placed out of sight. We suggest playing “I Spy” with this list—Where’s the thermostat? Air vent? Light switches? You should find them conveniently placed but not center stage. That’s where your wall art goes.

Kensington Residence One Optional Drop Zone, St. James Residence Three California Room, Aubergine Residence One Command Center—The spaces you didn’t even know you needed.


Have you ever heard of a drop zone? A command center? A California Room? These creative spaces pack a lot of bang for your buck. And, they set the scene for a modern (busy!) lifestyle. When you visit TRI Pointe model homes, you’ll find these special spaces and others you may covet, like a loft for a quiet reading corner or a lively play space.


You don’t know what you’ve got until there’s no place to store it. We look for every opportunity to maximize storage space. The walk-in closet in the master suite? It’s every homebuyer’s dream! Pantry storage? Perfect whether you consider yourself Chef Ramsay or Chef Boyardee®. Linen cabinets or closets make Supermom’s job easy. Under-stair storage is useful for holiday decorations and games of Hide-and-Seek. Every square inch counts!

Fairwind Residence One Dining Room—Turtle art makes a fun statement on perfectly paneled walls.


Prepare to be wowed by the choices! Few things have the impact of beautiful cabinetry, crafted staircases and tailored moldings. Take today’s cabinet selections. Styles range from sleek flat-panel to traditional raised-panel designs—all for maximum personalization. Built-in cabinet options can create fun media zones or business-ready offices. Another great idea is a paneled wall treatment to create a dramatic focal point in an entryway or bedroom. Whatever your style aspiration, our model homes demonstrate unique ways to add a special touch to any space.

Arcadia Residence One Pendant Lighting and Residence Three Kitchen Faucet, Truewind Residence One Kitchen Bin Pulls—The details make the difference.


Take note of the fixtures throughout a home. What do you notice? Some things are more obvious than others, and sometimes it’s the small details—like cabinet knobs and drawer pulls—that make a big difference. Coordinate them with your home’s style and finishes to create a cohesive look. Go beyond the kitchen; we think lighting and plumbing fixtures should be sleek and modern to make your bath a spa-like retreat.

All right, Home Enthusiast… you’re ready to go! Design appeal awaits at a TRI Pointe Homes community near you. Click here to find a Southern California community, and schedule a tour today.


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