It’s Time for Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time for a few simple chores around the house that will have your home safe and sparkling in the warming sun.


Consider the following items for your spring cleaning:


As summer approaches, the days will surely grow hotter, so now is a good time to inventory your cooling fans and brush them free of dust. Make sure your air conditioning units are in working order by installing new filters, look for hose leaks and see to it that the drain pans are free of debris.


Just as you did in the winter months, go through your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and switch out old batteries for new ones. Doing so will ensure that your home and family are protected from any hint of trouble.

Give your dusty corners and ceiling fans a scrub and feel good knowing that you have officially rid your home of winter. A light cleaning solution of water and detergent will do the job. While you’re at it, find those greasy spots in the kitchen corners and backsplashes where winter meals may still be lingering and give them a good wash.


Then, simply open your windows to the fresh air and let spring in!

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