Live the Suite Life

Multi-gen suites and first-floor primary suites are extremely useful spaces with a bedroom, living area, bath and kitchenette. Live-in in-laws, roommates, college students, or even just a big happy family that likes their personal space will all appreciate the extra privacy created by these areas. Take a look at some of the highly functional (and super cute) suites below and get a feel for what it’s like to live the suite life.

#1 Downstairs Retreat

Tempo at The Resort - Residence 3

Residence 3 at Tempo is where multi-gen meets multi-functional. This first-floor multi-gen suite will have your guests feeling as if they have their very own posh apartment inside your home. Fully self-sufficient with an attached bath, optional kitchenette and private patio entrance, this space has the power to transform into anything you need it to be. Think client-friendly home office, secluded distance learning studio, nanny’s quarters, or even an extra entertainment space. Functional AND gorgeous?! It’s enough to make your home enthusiast heart skip a beat.

#2 A Zone for Everyone

Cerise at Canvas - Residence 3

If privacy is your priority, Cerise Residence 3 at Canvas is the place for you. All your personal space dreams come true with a first-floor multi-gen suite, second floor primary suite and the rest of the bedrooms and baths sitting up top with their own personal entertainment den. Beautifully designed outdoor areas on every floor takes this home to the next level but the real showstopper is the open concept studio-like multi-gen suite. Not only does this suite feel like a home within your home, it does a great job of maximizing space allowing you to decorate and design in any way you like. With this much indoor/outdoor space for each family member, the only stir-craziness that will happen here involves your favorite refreshment and a tiny umbrella.

#3 Headquarters of the Household

Cassis at Rancho Soleo - Residence 2
Cassis at Rancho Soleo - Residence 3

When your first-floor primary suite is this stunning and flows seamlessly into your great room, kitchen and the rest of the space, it’s like waking up in the corner office of your home. Cassis Residences 2 and 3 at Rancho Soleo leave easy access to the main floor and all its amenities for the primary suite, while the rest of the bedrooms and baths stay upstairs with their very own loft for relaxing and entertaining. This allows you to easily live on one level, enjoying all the benefits of single-level living, while keeping the upstairs space reserved for others. It’s true win-win.

#4 Host in Style

Violet at Canvas - Residence 3

This first-floor suite in Violet Residence 3 at Canvas leaves a stylish impression on anyone staying in your home, whether it’s for one night or an extended vacation. A spacious walk-in closet, beautiful personal bath and entire floor of privacy provide the extra thoughtful touches every guest enjoys. Even the carefully chosen finishes work extra hard to create a luxurious atmosphere. This first floor feels so special, you can expect this sweet setup won’t stay empty for long. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This is just a taste of the multi-gen and other suites available throughout Southern California. What kind of suite would you like to see in your home? Share and comment on our Facebook page @TRIPointeSoCal. TRI Pointe Homes is a premium builder with neighborhoods across Southern California. With homes from the high $300Ks to the $1.2 millions, there’s something for every family. Contact a New Home Specialist today at or (949) 239-7603 for more information.