With LivingSmart®, Every Day is Earth Day

We all aspire to own a home we can feel good about from the moment we step through the door. But what if we could own a home that’s also good for our health, and good for the earth, too? Sounds perfect, right? Well that’s precisely the idea behind LivingSmart. Not only are these homes designed to be exceptionally warm and inviting, they’re also built with an impressive suite of enviro-friendly, health-promoting and tech-savvy features. So, in honor of Earth Day on April 22, here’s a closer look at what makes a LivingSmart home so appealing for you – and for the planet, too.


Healthy indoor air quality is a luxury you can’t see, but one you definitely feel. We strive to make your home as healthy as possible with HVAC filters, high-efficiency sealed-combustion furnaces, and quiet bathroom fans with built-in humidistat controllers – they reduce mold-causing moisture and automatically turn off when humidity levels have dropped. There’s also the Taexx built-in pest control system, a targeted service that limits contact with your family and pets. And we also use low-VOC, water-based wood finishes and interior paints. It’s beauty through and through—minus the harmful chemicals, of course.


The benefits of EnergySmart features are two-fold, reducing your energy consumption (good for the planet) and your utility bills (good for your wallet). We do it with features like low-E glass windows, whole house fans and tankless water heaters, plus insulated steel sectional garage doors to help reduce heat buildup. Then we light up your home beautifully, making stunning statement lighting more energy efficient with LEDS, dimmer switches and occupancy sensors. It’s all about getting the glow without gorging on resources.


We’re doing our part to conserve natural resources. How? Through our Recycle/Reuse program that puts unused construction materials back to work. And by building with sustainable materials, like engineered wood products that resist warping, splitting and shrinking while simultaneously preserving our forests (and looking lovely). Other earth-friendly LivingSmart features include built-in recycling bins in the kitchen to help you easily separate recyclables from trash, and even optional electric vehicle charging stations in the garage.


Reducing water consumption is a responsibility we take seriously. So we sought out plumbing fixtures and appliances that conserve this valuable resource, beautifully. Like an EnergyStar® dishwasher that looks great and exceeds federal energy standards. And WaterSense® certified toilets, faucets and shower heads that reduce water use (and water bills) without compromising on style. Even better? If we didn’t tell you they were reducing water use, you’d never know it. We love a great shower, too!


When we set out to make your home both beautiful and brilliant, we didn’t just include features like the Ring™ video doorbell that allows you to watch over your home via your smart phone, or the SmartCode™ entry lock that gives you control over who can access your home. We also incorporated features to make your home more environmentally friendly, like the Honeywell® Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat. It learns your schedule and heats or cools your home only when it makes sense. If nobody’s home, why keep the place toasty? The ELAN® Home Automation system is an easy interface that lives on your smart device, putting home control at your fingertips wherever in the world you might be. Welcome to the future.

Now that you’ve got the inside info, how are you living green at home? What LivingSmart features are your favorite? Share and comment on our Facebook page @TRIPointeSoCal. And here’s a hint, you can experience LivingSmart for yourself at model homes across Southern California. Find a neighborhood and visit today www.tripointehomes.com/southerncalifornia/.

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