Meet the Intelligent Home

In these modern times, life has a way of getting hectic. Professional engagements, kids’ play dates, errands and chores can add up so much that it’s difficult to think beyond our daily tasks.


Here’s some great news: a brand new TRI Pointe home will do a lot of that thinking for you! Smarter than your average home, our residences offer a broad range of features that have built-in solutions for ensuring that our families enjoy a health-centered, earth-friendly, cost-saving lifestyle.


It’s all part of our LivingSmart® program – an effort to conserve the Earth’s precious resources with responsible water, solar and energy use in a home, all while maximizing the best health and wellness of its residents.


Such efficient features include water-smart options such as tankless water heaters and WaterSense faucets, showerheads and toilets; clean air filtration systems and low-VOC, water-based wood finishes for easy breathing; and innovative solar options, dimmer switches and motion detectors to reduce energy consumption throughout the home.


Also our HomeSmartTM technology helps you stay on track, even when you are away from home, with automated lighting, temperature, motion and smoke detector controls. With just the swipe of a touchscreen, outdoor HD cameras, interior Wi-Fi HD cameras, door/window sensors, glass-break sensors and even front door locks are put into motion as added optional features – putting safety at your fingertips.


Worried about an excessive use of the environment? A TRI Pointe home has already thought about that too by utilizing recyclable and engineered wood products that preserve our forests and valuable resources.


Modern and innovative, beautiful and stylish – we would love for you to come visit and meet these intelligent homes. And when you do, stop in to say hello and let us know how we can help you take advantage of all TRI Pointe Homes has to offer.

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