Meet Wanda, Our New Home Specialist

Home Shopping Gets Personal

We’re the first to admit it: We’ve created so many beautiful new homes and vibrant, exciting new neighborhoods all across Southern California that as a homebuyer you can find yourself asking, “Where do I start? Help!” You need a guru, someone who can point you toward the home of your dreams.

You need Wanda.


We call her our New Home Specialist, aka our Online Advisor, but you’ll discover Wanda’s more like a personal shopper whose area of expertise happens to be every single community in the TRI Pointe Homes Southern California region. And we’ve made it easy to find her. She’s the first point of contact found on our website—just a click or call away. It’s her mission to be available to you and to help guide you through your journey. Time-saver!

You might think of her as your new home confidante, the person you go to when you need a listening ear, someone to understand your needs and give you solid advice. Wanda’s goal is to make the start of your home shopping a deeply personal experience. She really wants to know your hopes and dreams! Because her particular gift is taking your new home wish list and using it to pinpoint the perfect home for you.


And after you’ve worked with Wanda to zero in on your wish list, she becomes your liaison to the onsite New Home Advisor at each community. That’s the next step in your home search—the model tour—and Wanda will work with your schedule to set up your first appointment at your convenience. That way, from the moment you walk through the front door, you can receive dedicated and personalized attention from your New Home Advisor. No waiting in line to ask the important questions about your future, no interruptions by other business. This is your time. And here’s a nice little perk: When Wanda sets up your appointment and you meet your New Home Advisor at the models, we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card. Coffee on the house! (Get it?)


We know there’s a TRI Pointe Home that’s just waiting to welcome you with open arms. It’s the place where you’ll build the future you’ve dreamed about. Where you’ll make memories with family and friends. It starts with a phone call. And Wanda. And a simple question: “Can you tell me about the home of your dreams?”

Want to know more about Wanda? And about why working with a New Home Specialist is a great idea? Then watch this video now >>


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