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In July, I attended an un-veiling celebration for the new Ensemble Collection models in Arvada and as I made a left hand turn into the Candelas neighborhood and began my decent down 93rd drive, I suddenly realized, ‘Wow, the mountains are breathtaking’. From the vantage point on the hill, I became aware of how this community is beautifully nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains. All this and I hadn’t even stepped into the model homes yet!

As I approached, I noticed three distinct exterior styles. One had a trendy farmhouse style influence, one portrayed a more boxy and modern feel, and the other a ranch with a sharp angled roofline (definitely ‘mid-century mod’-esque). I loved the differences between the styles, all three fit within the natural landscape of the community but offered a slight variation to suit your own personal taste.

As I mingled with a few guests in the Residence 4025 Model Home, I overheard “oohs” and “aahs” commenting on everything from the ‘grey trim and the white walls’ (which is a hot trend right now and, oh, by-the-way, looked amazing!) to a ‘pub room’ off the dining area with a bar top table and sliding glass doors to the covered patio. What a fun and unique architectural feature.  The decorating was stylish and on point, featuring trendy white and cool grey tones. Everything felt modern, but timeless and my eye caught splashes of metallic accents in the accessories. It felt so inviting, but I had more to see, so I grabbed a glass of wine and headed to the next model home.

The next model was the Residence 4022, which was the ranch home with the ‘mid-century modern’-esque exterior. And while this home is not explicitly ‘mid-mod’ in style, it does carry elements of this popular eye catching design. Prominently as you walk in, there is a long open entryway with flat geometric paneling, classically accented with art work and industrial sconce lighting. It’s dramatic and leads your eye to the back of the home, through the great room, to a backdrop of large light-filled windows with a silhouette of blue flat irons in the far background. This home is a must see for lovers of single story living (and don’t miss the finished basement. . . it’s a show stopper as well).

The final home was the Residence 4024 . . . and I’m wondering if they saved the best for last, but then again how could I ever pick a favorite? As soon as I walked in I was intrigued.  I overheard a few people discussing a unique sitting area off the kitchen that featured two chairs with a 180 view from the great room to the kitchen, a small coffee table and a modern fireplace.  As I approached the space I saw a few people with a questionable stare muttering “I’m not sure I get it”.  Oh, but I got it! It’s not a great room where we sit together on a big couch and watch TV (although don’t get me wrong, that’s great too) and it’s not a sterile living room that nobody uses. It was a cozy, yet wide open, visible, usable space where I might chat with a friend over a glass of wine or where my daughter might sit while I’m cooking dinner and she’s telling me about her day, or (my ultimate favorite) where my dinner guests would congregate and mingle, since everyone always stands around the kitchen anyway! This was yet another example of how TRI Pointe Homes works with their architects to not just imagine how modern families want to live in their home, they push the boundaries of what a modern home looks like and envisions new, better spaces, you didn’t even know you wanted to enjoy.

Now come see for yourself and discover all there is to love about the Ensemble Collection at Candelas!


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