Personalizing Your New Home with Flex Spaces

How we use the space in our homes is always evolving. And when you buy a brand-new home, you have the power to make every square inch work smarter and harder with a secret weapon we call flex spaces. They don’t have to be big. They don’t have to not be big either. The key to designing the right flex space for you is all in the intent. As you’re vision boarding what your perfect new home should look like, think about how a flex space would best serve you and your family. If you need a little help getting started, look to the Four F’s of Flex Space: Function, Freedom, Future, Fun. Think of it as your flex space personality test to find out which of the four F’s is most important to you. Read the examples below and take the poll to tell us which of the four F’s inspires your flex space vision board.


Home offices are having a moment. And by moment, we mean people are realizing just how unfunctional many of their home workspaces can be. Buying new is especially fantastic in this case because you’re able to design a workspace that actually works. Whether you’re the kind of person that needs lots of natural light and windows to stare out of in order to get in the right headspace. Or you need doors that close (and lock) to properly zero in on the task at hand, all of these important architectural nuances can be catered directly to your working style.


This flex space is all about freedom. A space where you can escape to and free your mind of any daily stressors that may be throwing off your groove. Home gyms are probably the most popular way to use this kind of space, affording you the freedom to sweat it out whenever motivation strikes. Other great examples include anything from an art studio to a reading room. If it leaves you feeling recharged and inspired, it’s a free your mind flex space.


One of the best perks of buying a new home is the ability to build another home within your home. Generational suites and ensuites are flex spaces that not only come in handy today but can also prepare you for all kinds of lifestyle changes in the future. Planning to have live-in parents or in-laws for some time? This area offers privacy for both parties. Kids coming home from college soon? Now both of you can maintain a level of personal space. And because generational suites often feature a private kitchenette, these are perfect rental spaces when you’re in need of a little extra income.


Flex spaces don’t always have to be about productivity—they can also be designed for pure enjoyment. Creating a space where the whole family can have fun is an important part of building a dream home. An ultra-plush movie room complete with an oversized screen and booming surround sound is a great place to start any weekend. Fun touches like an old-fashioned popcorn machine or tube lighting along the floor will make these moments even more memorable.