Solar Power Shines Bright

Tips From a TRI Pointe Expert

Who knew that the sun could be the Earth’s most efficient resource, powering our homes and lights and much of our electrical grid?

We knew! We all have known it for centuries. But, modern technology now offers us innovative ways to harness the sun’s abundant energy in ways never dreamed. And by doing so, not only do we reduce our monthly energy costs, but we empower our own natural sources to protect our health and the wellness of the world we inhabit.

“By utilizing the sun, we sustain the environment that supports all life on earth. Our houses becomes more than a home; they become mini renewable power plants that reduce the amount of harmful emissions released into the air we breathe,” says Troy Bevilacqua, SunPower®, New Homes Senior Account Manager, Northern California.

According to Bevilacqua, high efficiency solar panels allow you to produce up to 60 percent more power in the same space as conventional panels during the first 25 years so that the impact on helping the environment is that much greater, that much sooner.

TRI Pointe Homes is on board with its LivingSmart® model, an effort that seamlessly folds energy, water and earth-friendly efficiency into every new home for a life of renewal of health, happiness and home.

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