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The ABC's of Buying a HomeFICOs and buy downs and escrow – oh my! So, we admit it. When it comes to building homes, we love taking care of all the details. You might hear us tossing around...


COLOR ADDS A DASH OF SPLASH FOR YOUR HOME DESIGN​ You have scoured every design magazine and hovered over paint charts for hours, looking for the perfect color hue for your brand new home. For your...


ADD COLOR TO YOUR DECORTIPS FROM A TRI POINTE EXPERT There are few things that can impact the emotional environment of your home like color. It can lift and inspire, soothe and excite. And,...

  • quote-icon“The entire TRI Pointe team at La Madera aided in creating a flawless and unique home delivery for my wife and I. The construction experience, paired with Mike from sales, was arguably the best part of buying a new construction home. It was truly inviting and fun. The entire process was informative and transparent. We felt as if we were family and our house was being tailored to meet our every need."quote-icon

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  • quote-icon"Mike provided weekly video updates creating a unique and personalized experience while our home was being developed. This was fun and enjoyable creating excitement rather and anxiety during the building phase."quote-icon

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  • quote-icon"The loan officer and processors explained and answered all questions allowing us to make informed and confident decisions during the loan process. I felt they worked diligently to obtain the best value possible."quote-icon

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