School’s Back. And We Can Help.

School may be a bit different this fall but that doesn’t mean learning has to change. In fact, with the right set up it can even be better (pj day every day, anyone?). Whether it’s distance learning or full on homeschooling, having a dedicated space for learning is essential to their success (and your sanity). And the great thing about a new home is that these homework zones are often built right in. Bust out the glue sticks and scissors and get ready for some vision board inspiration as you explore the efficient and, dare we say, adorable learning spaces below.

#1 Top of the Class

Cerise Residence 2 Loft
Cerise Residence 2 Loft

In Cerise Residence 2 you’ll find a homework zone conveniently located at the top of stairs right outside of the bedrooms, getting rid of the “I lost my homework” excuse once and for all. By keeping the learning space upstairs, it’s easier to stay organized and to keep the rest of the house clear of clutter. Additions like a large table and fun blackboard like you see in the space above encourage your kids to interact and help each other with assignments. Throw in some pizza and soda and your study session just became a study party.

#2 Cute and Cozy

Hazel at The Preserve - Residence 5 Den
Hazel Residence 5 Den

Could this be the cutest homework zone you’ve ever seen? This Hazel Residence 5 Den located in the upstairs loft has everything you need for collaboration and individual focus. Built-in shelving makes storage for your supplies easier than ever. They also create some separation, helping little ones focus on the task at hand instead of playing with their sibling. And if it’s more of a movie in class kind of day, we’re sure your favorite students would be more than happy to get cozy and relive their favorite part of the traditional classroom. Because let’s face it, when your teacher rolled the tv into your classroom, you knew it was going to be a good day. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet; this learning space connects to the deck—meaning a quick breather is only a few steps away for both teacher and students.

#3 Hall Pass

Cava Residence 1 Upstairs Hallway

Students navigating distance learning will really appreciate a built-in hallway desk like the one in Cava Residence 1. Being upstairs and separated from the rest of the house creates the perfect environment for virtual lectures and total focus. Having a designated work area, that’s not in bed surrounded by their favorite junk food, makes grueling assignments a little easier to power through. It’s also a place where they can make their own design statements and display fun pictures—kind of like an office cubicle except way better.


Varenna Residence 1 Flex Room

Now for the grand finale. You’ve seen tiny houses but we’re willing to bet you have yet to see a tiny schoolhouse. The Varenna Residence 1 Flex Room is a separate dedicated area off the backyard that will create more a of feeling of actually leaving home to attend school. And the sky is the limit on crafts, learning tools and educational games you can stock your tiny schoolhouse with. Students of any age will love getting the getting the space ready for school, and having a say in additions that will help them be better students.

We hope these unique homeschooling zones have given you inspiration or even inspired excitement for the upcoming school year. What does your ideal homeschool zone look like? Share and comment on our Facebook page @TRIPointeSoCal. TRI Pointe Homes is a premium builder with neighborhoods across Southern California. With homes from the high $300Ks to the $1.2 millions, there’s something for every family. Contact a New Home Specialist today at or (949) 239-7603 for more information.