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Machado House

Past Meets Future at Parasol in Fremont

The historic Machado House, with its classic charm, has taken up residence in the beautifully modern townhome community of Parasol in Fremont. We love it because the Queen Anne-style cottage tells a unique story of the region’s history when immigrants first settled into the area. TRI Pointe Homes was proud to have been part of the …

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Let’s Get Cooking…Healthy Dinner Tips

Vacation is over and school is back in full swing. Fall sports are also underway, so that means it’s time for family cooks to get back into the kitchen to start whipping up nightly meals. With so much going on, it can be a challenge to put a tasty, healthy dinner on the table in …

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Messina_Res 3 Entry_Flooring Featured Image

Design Underfoot: The Many Choices in Home Flooring

DESIGN UNDERFOOT: THE MANY CHOICES IN HOME FLOORINGFLOORING DESIGN TIPS FROM A TRI POINTE EXPERT You’ve found the perfect community. You’ve found the home of your dreams. You’ve pictured your party guests walking through the front door, kids running to the refrigerator, puppy paws chasing a bouncing ball, and yourself waltzing up the stairs to …

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TRI Pointe Homes' Back to School

Get Organized for a Great School Year

Do you hear that? It’s the collective groan of thousands of kids watching their summer come to quick close. So, with school just around the corner, this is the perfect time to put some good habits into place for the new school year. Where to begin? You can get your crew started off on the …

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Plan 3 Great Room Blackstone

Add Color to Your Décor for Dimension and Warmth

There are few things that can impact the emotional environment of your home like color. It can lift and inspire, soothe and excite. And, whether subtle or bold, color can add feeling and flair to your home décor. “If you want to have a home that feels cohesive, the first thing to do is pick …

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Tri Pointe Homes

Hurry And Pick YOUR Home Design At TRI Pointe Homes Today

HURRY AND PICK YOUR HOME DESIGN AT TRI POINTE HOMES TODAY Right now is one of the most exciting times to purchase a home in one of TRI Pointe Homes’ extraordinary Northern California communities! Why? Because we have the best selection of available homesites and our design professionals are waiting and ready to help you …

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TriPointe-Fairwind, HTB

The Changing Countertop Culture

THE CHANGING COUNTERTOP CULTURE DESIGN TIPS FROM A TRI POINTE EXPERT There are two kinds of people: Those who see countertops as the weekly dust and polish on the chore list and those who see countertops as a way to infuse their personal style, punctuate their décor, and craft the perfect mood in their home. …

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TRI Pointe Homes

Customer-Driven Service, Cornerstone of Hope

Some homebuilding industry professionals may suggest that, when it comes to providing quality service, it’s all about envisioning the bigger picture. And while that may be true for some, TRI Pointe Homes has steadily built a reputation that focuses on a lot of the smaller, finer details of homebuilding -- the kind of details that …

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Neighbors Celebrate at Barrington in Brentwood

Summertime means spending time outside, relaxing and just having some good old-fashion fun! And that is just what we did ...friends and neighbors gathered at a community block party and barbeque at TRI Pointe Homes’ Barrington community in Brentwood, CA this month. “It was such a great time seeing so many families out there enjoying the …

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TRI Pointe Homes

Infuse Fresh New Designs Into Your Summer Decor

Summer is here, so it's time to make a splash with a new twist on your home decor. "Similar to fashion, home décor is seasonal and should be refreshed to reflect the changing seasons. We suggest keeping a linen closet or storage totes full of accessories that you can rotate in and out throughout the …

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