Batter up: Get ready for Baseball, America’s Favorite Pastime

It’s a beautiful time of year for flowers to bloom and balls to go boom! Boom? That’s right, baseball is nearly here and that means the boys of summer will soon take the field for another season of America’s best game.

We will be watching, especially when the hometown favorites – the Oakland A’s (April 4) and the San Francisco Giants (April 7) – step up to the plate and swing away for another thrilling season of baseball.

Of course, there are many reasons to love this game. Its time-honored traditions and stats and facts date back more than 100 years with heroes that include such names as Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and the iconic Babe Ruth.

Then there is the beautiful sound of the ball cracking off the bat for a base hit up the middle, the smell of hot dogs sizzling and freshly cut grass, the feel of warm days melting away slow and easy and the drowsy pace of a game that keeps its own sweet time.

But more than that, we love the sense of teamwork found in the game, the way an outfielder will lay out to make a play for his pitcher or how a catcher isn’t afraid to get dirty in a sliding dust-up at home plate.

Teamwork is a vital part of the engine that makes things ‘go.’ We know this because, at TRI Pointe Homes, our staff works together towards a common goal, pooling talents, skills and resources for our shared success. It’s a formula that works and can be found in every home we build and every community we create.

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