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Brighten Up Your Home Office Décor

Your home office. It’s one of the most critical rooms in your house. It’s where bills are paid, knowledge is gained and the real work of your family gets done. With so much riding on this important room, what kind of décor is worthy of what many designers are now calling the home management center?

The trick is to blend cozy and comfortable with chic and professional. Too often a home office can feel cold and uninviting. This may have something to do with the fact that computers, and all the gadgets that come with them, have a way of cluttering up a space. Opt instead for hardware with a sleek design, unfettered by cords and cables wherever possible.

While a sturdy, spacious desk will anchor your home management center, you can accessorize with sofas and chairs in order to make room for the family to gather and collaborate on school or work projects, or even just debrief after a long day.


Be sure to factor in a sizable amount of storage so that files and folders can be easily tucked away and out of view so that the desk space remains neat and uncluttered.

Furnishings can be relaxed and comfy, but also stylish when featuring bold colors and rich, textured fabrics. Choose airy sheers to let light in and then shut out the day and summer heat with heavy duty shutters.

When deciding on a color theme, give careful consideration to how you plan to use the home office. Will it be a bustling hub of family activity? Or more of a private study where you settle in for some quiet contemplation? If so, then beige and blue hues tend to be most often seen as calming colors, while reds and vibrant yellows tend to get the creative juices flowing.


Finally, when decorating a home management center, it’s important that the space reflects your interests and hobbies. After all, this is going to be a room where you will call on your brain to perform thoughtful tasks.

So, bring in pieces, portraits, flowers and frames – anything that will inspire you to be productive in that space. Blend your colors with wall paintings. Display sentimental photographs and mementos. Set about plants to add a spot of life.


And, above all, make sure that your home management center is functional. The computer, printer and telephone should all have free access to electrical outlets. Then, apply the finishing touches by finding a place for your important papers, treasured books and professional certificates – either in storage or on display.

Now, get to work!

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