New Home Promises New Life

Renew...Brand New WorldThe Benefits of New Vs. Used There is a lot to feel good about when purchasing a new home – promise, hope, fresh opportunities – especially when that home is a TRI Pointe Homes residence. Our homes offer an incredible selection of choices that feature both form and function, our floor plans are expertly designed …

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LivingSmart: We Heart Smart Homes

We Heart Smart Homes Home automation, what’s not to love? We get an expert’s insight into the tech trend. Back in the 1980s, we all thought that by the year 2017, daily life would look like an episode of The Jetsons, complete with household robots, spaceship cars and self-cleaning kitchens. Well now that we’re living …

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SunPower Sheds Light on Solar

SUNPOWER Sheds Light on Solar TRI Pointe Expert Clears Up Solar Energy Terms When it comes to solar energy, it doesn’t have to be complicated, according to Troy Bevilacqua, SunPower, New Homes Senior Account Manager, Northern California. “If you’ve been looking at a solar system for your home, business or school, you’ve probably heard some …

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