You have scoured every design magazine and hovered over paint charts for hours, looking for the perfect color hue for your brand new home. For your bathrooms, you settled on a bold blue and for your kitchen, only candle apple red will do. The latest home design trends offer a more measured approach to color, however, with top decorators opting for a colorful pop over bright wall-to-wall coverage.


Using a soft, neutral palette is a great way to start, allowing for a classic foundation that can transition smoothly from room to room. Creamy white, beige, light gray and butter yellow tones are among some of the more popular foundation hues to weave through a home because they are versatile and easily accented with eye-catching splashes of color.

For example, at our Brentwood community pictured above, our living space warmed by a soothing fawn shade is instantly brought to life with the addition of rose-colored accent pillows and wall art. Crystal lamps and delicate glass table settings add sparkle and reflect the rose accents back to a guest’s already enraptured eye.

And don’t be afraid of white. This gorgeous bedroom is a great example of a clean, simple and classic look that can be achieved by layering light and bright colors and textures for a truly inviting space.


By opting for mild over wild and crazy home design, homeowners have the opportunity to expand and build on their dreams for a beautiful home that suits every need and sensibility. Enjoy these decorating tips and share some our your design success with us!