Master Bedroom

Create the Designer Bed of Your Dreams

Have you ever toured a model home and wanted to simply sink down into the sumptuous beds? Lush, plush and ever-so inviting—just how are those designers able to achieve such a look of sophistication and comfort? Actually, anyone can achieve the look and feel of such luxury with just a little bit of planning——no matter your budget or limitations.


Getting a Jump on the Right Mattress

When creating a designer bed, start with a mattress with a sturdy frame that is proportionate to the room. You don’t want the scale of the bed to be overpowering. An expensive mattress and box springs will deliver on quality, but when you can’t afford the best there are many budget-friendly options for achieving just the right fit, style and form.

Undercover Matters

It is possible to make up for a lesser quality mattress. Use a mattress cover as a way of building up your decorator bed. Some of the best quality feather or goose down fitted mattress covers can really plump up a firm or unforgiving foundation. And even less costly synthetic versions can soften and add depth and comfort to your mattress.


Beauty and the Sheets

When it comes to slipping into a welcoming bed, good quality sheets are going to make a big difference. Suit to your taste and comfort, but when budget is a concern, consider lowering the thread count and sink your savings into a plush down comforter that can be dressed up with a rich or vibrantly colored silk duvet.


Pillow Talk

Pillows are very important because they not only provide comfort and a good night’s sleep, but they are also a great place to add that layered, lavish style you are striving for. Sleeping pillows can be joined with as many decorative shapes, shades and textures as you can afford. To save money, search for discounted fabrics and make your own.

A Word about Color

Create a relaxing atmosphere with chocolate browns and creams, soft blues and whites. Reds, orange and other vibrant primary colors are not so restful, but make a more lively statement. Also consider adding textured fabrics such as lace or chintz for dramatic flair. And don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns or use a different color or pattern in your fitted sheets to add depth and a little bit of drama.


The Final Touches

Fold down the comforter to reveal your beautifully-appointed sheets and pillowcases and drape a soft throw blanket or bed scarf carefully across the corner of the bed for a truly exquisite invitation to contentment. Wherever possible, allow light to stream in throughout the day. Surround yourself with treasured books and bedside lighting for good reading and expect sweet dreams to come calling.

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