TRI Pointe Homes

Some homebuilding industry professionals may suggest that, when it comes to providing quality service, it’s all about envisioning the bigger picture.

And while that may be true for some, TRI Pointe Homes has steadily built a reputation that focuses on a lot of the smaller, finer details of homebuilding — the kind of details that focus on the exceptional care and service of the customer.

This is achieved very simply – by knowing what the customer most desires in a home and in a community. Like our customers, we understand that when buying a home, we invest our hard-earned paychecks for the hope and promise of a good life where our families can grow and prosper.

We understand the importance of a home that is expertly-crafted and perfectly suited to the intimate needs of the people who live there. We understand the aspiration to live in a richly expansive and vibrant community that extends just outside our front doors, where personal experiences and professional engagements can thrive

We know these things because we are homeowners, too. We are parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. We know these things because we dream of the same life for ourselves and loved ones.

We know these things because TRI Pointe Homes is your neighbor, friend and partner in achieving the life you want. It’s what drives us with every new project, every day.

TRI Pointe Homes Coming Soon to Fremont

In 2016, TRI Pointe Homes will debut the sophisticated condo-style townhome design at their new neighborhood of Parasol in beautiful Fremont, CA with close proximity to major universities, shopping a...

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