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Drop Zone: Capture Clutter and Get Organized

It’s just too easy. The family trickles in from a long day at work and school and, before you know it, books and backpacks, keys and cell phones and mail have a way of piling up and spilling out into the house. Ignore it for just a day or two and, before long, the creeping pile will overwhelm your home’s décor.

Sound familiar? If it does, you can take charge of the clutter by creating what many modern families refer to as the drop zone – an organized catch-all space that offers a stylish alternative to all of the end-of-the-day chaos. All you have to do is choose, design and organize!

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When it comes to choosing an area for your drop zone, first consider where the family first enters in the home. Perhaps it is the front door entry way. Or maybe your crew files in through the garage. Plan for your drop zone to be in place wherever there is the most foot traffic in order to catch and store all the gadgets before they can be carried in and dropped throughout the house.


Once you know where you’ll situate your drop zone, give thought to its design. Consider deep shelves of varying sizes for books and folders, anchor clips for hanging backpacks, coats and hats and maybe even a small bench or seating area perfect for tugging off shoes and boots before stepping fully inside the home. Blend the space with color and accent pieces that will complement the room’s décor for a cohesive look.


As you begin to consolidate the new drop zone area, it’s important to fold in organizing compartments that will hold the clutter out of sight. Wicker baskets or even rustic wooden crates will conceal the mess of keys and phones and messy charging cords. Stylishly colored cups and containers will hold pens and sunglasses. And, while you’re at it, set up a change jar and encourage Dad to empty his pockets at the end of the day. The cash will also come in handy when your family is headed back out to face the day.

What great tips do you have for getting organized? We’d love it if you’d share them in the comments section below!

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