Cadence Residence 3 Dining Area Into Outdoor Patio Model



The shorter days and cooler nights of autumn have a way of bringing families back together to the dinner table each evening.

When designing a dining space that is both attractive and functional for your family, Jill Mitchell, designer with design firm Pacific Dimensions (PDI) recommends adding layered place settings, lots of candles, fresh flowers (low arrangements that don’t impede conversation) and linen napkins tied with twine to make a statement when the occasion calls for beauty.

“For lighting, look to a chandelier centered over your dining table combined with can lights on dimmers. Use a side buffet for setting out food, water pitchers with lemon and decanted wine,” Jill says.

Marquette at Barrington

When it comes to function, PDI senior designer Edith Garcia suggests considering the size of your dining room when selecting furniture to ensure ease of use.

“You want a large enough table to comfortably seat everyone and a buffet that serves as a place to set up. Good workspace flow between the kitchen and dining room is essential – you’ll be going back and forth with hot dishes, dirty plates, drink refills and more,” Edith shares.

Symmetry at Alameda Landing

Additional tips include setting up an area for making and refilling drinks in the dining room, adding a built-in buffet with bar for storage and convenience, avoiding shag or hard to clean carpeting under a dining room table and adding a rolling bar cart for extra surface space during dinners.

Best of all, your family gets to come together, reconnect and bond. And that’s what the dinner table is all about.

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