When it comes to making a home beautiful, it’s important to not just pretty up the inside and but to spruce up the outside of a house. If you desire the look of a lush landscape, but fall short in the green thumb department, there is still hope for you.

According to TRI Pointe Homes’ Trade Partner Dicksey Williams with Village Nurseries, it’s a good idea to consider water-wise plants when planning your outdoor landscape.

“Organizing plants by water requirements will keep all plants looking great while saving water,” said Williams.

Best of all, they are easy to care for, Williams added.

Succulents like jade and even cacti can make a statement when nestled within your garden bed, all while thriving without a daily watering. Some succulents, such as Desert Rose Echeveria work as a wonderful, cost-saving complement.

“Another thing to consider is settling on a dramatic focal feature for your landscape. Choose a piece that has bold and sweeping features, but one that is also a personal favorite,” said Williams. Bold, leafy palms are a great choice.

For some added color, blooming beauties are an option. Among those that are easiest to care for include bougainvillea, oleander and callistemon. They add dimension to any landscape and don’t require a lot of expertise.

Finally, if your garden area is shady, Williams said to consider folding in azaleas, ferns, and camellias for a full and lustrous appeal without the withering sunlight.

For more fun landscape ideas, visit www.villagenurseries.com.

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