Get Fit and Healthy in the New Year

Get Fit at HomeWhat’s that? You say you’re finally ready to embrace a fit and healthy way of life? The New Year has a way of inspiring these kinds of notions.

Fortunately, a new you can be found just outside your front door. That’s because from generous walking paths to calming breezeways, health and fitness are already built into the TRI Pointe Homes lifestyle.

Read on for some easy, no-fuss, won’t-cost-a-dime ideas for how you can get fit in the New Year:

  • Step outside and hike, bike andstep outside walk some more. TRI Pointe Homes’ communities boast beautiful outdoor paths that meander along scenic stretches of manicured landscaping and among rural hillside gems.
  • While you’re at it, keep moving. Take the stairs in your home at a brisk clip as you go about your daily chores. Zip up andGo bike. skim down the steps, then double up again for an added burn.
  • Turn on the music and dance. Yes, it’s that easy. Choose a station or CD to your liking and then spend 10-15 minutes cutting up a rug for a calorie-burning workout that will leave you feeling young again.
  • Pack up the kids and take a stroll to one of TRI Pointe Homes Eat healthycommunities’ beautiful parks where swings and slides are a great way to have some fun and run off some energy.
  • Set aside a room in your spacious new TRI Pointe home as your personal exercise space where you can do push-ups and planks in the privacy of your own home. Roll out a mat and meditate and stretch after a productive Pilates workout.
  • Bust out some tasty protein shakes and whip up a menu of healthy meals in your gourmet kitchen that features all the latest in state-of-the-art appliances. But, first, make sure you have rid your cabinets and refrigerator of sugary drinks, sodas and ice cream treats.
  • Get your rest. Sleep is actually a very important part of achieving a healthy mind and body. According to, lack of sleep can actually increase hunger, even when you are full, and increase fat storage. So, make sure you are rested before taking on the day.

If you have any additional tips. Share them in the comments section below or stop by and say hello at one of our new home communities. For more information visit us at