Fresh Green Plants in Pot

Got a Pot? Give Container Gardening a Go!

The birds are chirping, the bees are humming and lawn mowers are strumming along. That means it is growing season, friends! For those of you who appreciate a little green, but are short on time and space, consider container gardening. It’s a quick, easy, no-fuss way to infuse plant life into your home and outdoor décor.


Getting Started

One of the top reasons for container gardening is the good start it can give young plants, especially if outdoor weather conditions are less than ideal. Container gardening also allows for growing plants and herbs that might not otherwise thrive in your part of the country. Finally, with your blooms all growing in a decorative collection of pots, there is ample opportunity to position the planters in a beautiful arrangement, whether on your front porch, back patio or near your home’s central hearth.

Plot Your Pot

There are so many fun and creative ways to decorate with planters – think teacups and urns and even inexpensive dollar-store finds. Consider large pots for dramatic flair with a combination of tall palms and draping, flowering vines or small, windowsill planters with petite blooms and fragrant herbs that will brighten up a kitchen or dining space.

Size Matters

Give thought to the type of pot you use so that it is proportioned to the size of plant. A longer, rounder pot may look best with a longer, rounder plant, for example. Also, consider the weight of the pot. Concrete and terra-cotta containers may not be so easily moved indoors if it holds a plant that will wither in too-hot, too-cold conditions. If that is the case, opt for a lightweight foam container that will offer more flexibility.

Get Dirty

Be sure to aerate the container with proper bottom drainage and educate yourself on the best potting mix soil for your plant. Most plants will perform well with all-purpose soil, but some may require a particular mixture. For example, succulent plants like agave and aloe vera grow best when the soil is mixed with sand or other gritty material for an ideal texture.

Think Outside the Box

There is almost no limit to the types of plants that will thrive in a container. Succulents and herbs are excellent, hardy plants that are perfect for growing in a pot, no matter how big or small. Perennials, some shrubs and fruit trees –think, tomatoes and lemons — are also perfectly suited to container growth.

So, what’s stopping you? Head to your local nursery for a broad selection of seeds and bulbs, get planting and then just wait for all kinds of pretty to pop and bloom this spring.

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