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Go Green for a Fresh and Breezy Décor

Design Tips from a TRI Pointe Expert

The New Year is a wonderful time to breathe new life into your home décor! And what better way to do that than to incorporate living, breathing house plants into your home?

Roseli Kim, Senior Designer and Brand Manager with the design firm Pacific Dimensions (PDI), suggests keeping it simple and unique when incorporating house plants into your décor.

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“Specialty plants like orchids and succulents make a beautiful addition to a home without the décor feeling overdone,” Kim said. “Anything that climbs over the top of your window frame starts to feel jungle like. Use plants in spaces that need softening or a little added life – like corners. I especially love dracaena marginata because it’s a low maintenance plant.”

Fiddleleaf fig trees and rubber trees can lend an architectural element to your interior décor are easy to manage and thrive in indirect light.

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Senior Designer Meghan Pennington suggests incorporating a few plants that clean the air (like these). Fresh flowers and flowering plants add freshness. Her personal favorites are decorative plants on dining tables and coffee tables or orchids in bathrooms.

“For bathrooms without natural light, get a high quality silk plant,” Meghan offers. “And consider using plants in a way similar to accessories – placing them on shelves and built-ins. Forgo the standard pot it came in and find an interesting container to re-pot it.”

So don’t stress and try growing a little green into your décor today.

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