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Halloween: Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe

Halloween is such an exciting time of year, especially for children and their parents. It’s when the imagination gets to live out its wildest dreams for fun and creativity.

Pounds of sugar, scary characters and the potential for some shady shenanigans could leave many parents feeling increasingly uneasy about this ghoulish night. Have no fear, here are some quick tips you can do to ensure that your family’s Halloween experience is fun, safe and memorable.

Keep it light: As the days get shorter, the nights get darker. Light your trick-or-treater’s path on Halloween night with a heavy-duty flashlight (or two) with batteries that are powered up and ready to light the way. This will prevent possible slips and falls. Also, consider sewing reflecting badges on the back of costumes, allowing passing cars to see you.

Keep your footing: A flowing princess gown and ghostly sheets are both great costume ideas, but if allowed to be too long, they can tangle up your trick-or-treater’s feet and send them pitching forward. Elevate the hems for safe and easy walking. Also, be mindful of masks that block vision and increase the risk for a serious fall.

Keep it together: When it comes to dark streets and ghoulish nights, it’s best to travel in packs because there is safety in numbers. Hook up with friends and neighbors and plan to walk and watch together.

Keep it smart: Only trick-or-treat at homes that appear to invite all the little spooky creatures. If the lights are off and there are no festive decorations that send a welcoming message, then steer clear and head to the next house on the block.

Keep eyes open: When driving home on Halloween night, be sure to watch out for the trick-or-treaters scampering from house-to-house and crossing busy streets. Maintain a slow speed and keep your eyes open.

Keep it clean: It’s always a good idea to go through your kids’ candy before they chow down. Check for signs of tampering. When in doubt, throw it out. Then, after a day or two, consider tossing the treats, bringing them to the workplace to share, or selling them to your neighborhood dentist looking to keep smiles bright all year long.

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions or memories? We’d love to hear from you! Share them in the comments section below.

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