Vacation is over and school is back in full swing. Fall sports are also underway, so that means it’s time for family cooks to get back into the kitchen to start whipping up nightly meals. With so much going on, it can be a challenge to put a tasty, healthy dinner on the table in a timely manner.

But Larissa Taboryski, culinary chef for The Purcell Murray Company, a distributor of premium kitchen and bath products, has some great ideas for creating simple meals in a flash. Of course, the key word is “simple.” All of Larissa’s dinners can be put together in just 30 minutes and include recipes that are easy to follow and put together.

Some additional tips include keeping such staples as chicken stock and spices on hand for quick flavor. This makes it possible to pull together a variety of dishes, even when you think your cupboards are bare.

Fresh vegetables, whether grilled or steamed, make a wonderful, healthy complement to any meal and can be prepared quickly. Choose vegetables that are seasonable for added flair.

Cut down on your prep time by slicing, dicing and chopping the night before, perhaps as you clean and break down the previous night’s meal.

Finally, according to Larissa, cooking an entire meal in a convection oven is key to simplifying meal preparation, freeing you up with just a little practice and planning.

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