LivingSmart at TRI Pointe Homes

When it comes to living, the families at TRI Pointe Homes are LivingSmart®. That’s because we’re committed to helping residents do their part in preserving the earth’s precious resources, while keeping their energy use and costs low.

So, what does LivingSmart look like in a TRI Pointe Homes residence?

It looks like dimmer switches and programmable thermostats as a way to minimize energy usage. It’s energy efficient heating and cooling systems and solar options to provide comfort at an affordable cost without overtaxing the grid.

It means air filtration systems and the use of low-VOC, water-based wood finishes, interior paints, caulking and adhesives so that our families thrive and breathe easy in a fresh and healthy living environment.

LivingSmart at TRI Pointe Homes means that the planet is protected and our rich forests are preserved with the use of engineered wood products that resist warping, splitting and shrinking, all while adding beautiful to the stylish designs of each residence.

Best of all, our TRI Pointe Homes families do their part to conserve water with WaterSense faucets, shower heads and toilets. And such features as tankless water heaters heat water on demand, eliminating the need for a storage tank. That results in savings in energy costs.

TRI Pointe Homes is proud to be part of the solution for caring for our planet by being responsible citizens and caretakers.

We hope you’ll stop by to learn more:

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