New Year, New Home

TRI Pointe HomesAll around the world, people are making resolutions for the New Year for happiness, prosperity and good health.
But, you have a bigger goal in mind because this is the year – your year – to finally become a homeowner.

True, homeownership is the dream of millions of hard-working American families, but at TRI Pointe Homes, these dreams can be a reality for anyone who aspires to finally and forever move beyond the doldrums of renting towards owning their own home.

For those with the resolve to make 2015 the year of homeownership, consider the following tips:

  • Get your finances in order. You may believe that homeownership would be an impossible dream, but you would be wrong. There are many innovative financing programs available to new homeowners today. All you need is the knowledgeable, qualified TRI Pointe Homes finance professionals to set you on your way.
  • Consider your new community carefully. Wherever you land, you’d ideally like to stay awhile, so make sure you investigate a neighborhood and its soundings thoroughly. TRI Pointe Homes’ communities are perfect for putting down roots to build a life, grow a family and live out a lifestyle of, you guessed it – happiness, prosperity and good health.
  • Choose your home and choose wisely. TRI Pointe Homes not only offers expert ccraftsmanship, exquisite interior appointments and flexible floorplans that grow with your family, but they also will partner you with their preferred lender for a seamless, painless home-buying experience. Keep energy costs in mind. The fact is, the health and future of this planet relies on the choices we make today. And as California moves boldly towards energy conservation, now is the time to plan ahead with a TRI Pointe home that features energy efficient appliances, smart lighting and low-cost heating and cooling options.
  • Focus on all the benefits of homeownership. Most folks understand that homeownership offers buyers independence, freedom and pride of ownership. But, many tax deductions and financial advantages are enjoyed by homeowners. And as property values continue to grow, it’s now possible to secure a comfortable and prosperous future when you own your home.

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Feeling hopeful? Well, you should! Please stop by for a visit and let TRI Pointe Homes help turn your New Year’s resolution into a happy new home. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.