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Make a positive Impact in the New Year

So, here we are. Another year is in the books and we’re now looking ahead to the next one, hoping to make life happier, fuller and richer than ever before. This New Year, instead of setting goals for wealth and a new waistline, consider resolutions that will benefit others:

  • Seek out a friend or neighbor in need. Bake for them. Carry in their groceries. Treat them to a dinner and a movie out. Touching just one life with kindness can make a tremendous impact.
  • Run a race. Pick a cause and prepare to take part in a 5k that raises money for an organization that helps people who are ill, finds cures and funds resources and support.
  • Do some cleaning. And while you’re at it, take those piles of clothes, warm coats and gently-worn shoes to a local shelter. Then, resolve to live with a little less so that others can have a little more.
  • Donate your time. Volunteer at your son’s game. Act as a community representative. Offer up your professional skills to a worthy group that serves the poor, the disadvantage or the homeless.
  • Give monthly. Doing so, to a reputable charity here or abroad, allows you to maintain a firm and steady commitment to changing lives.
  • Put down the phone. Step away from the computer. Engage your children, your parents and your spouse. Give the best gift of all to those you love – yourself!

What are some other ways you can make good on a New Year’s resolution to give back to your community? We’d love to hear from you –share them in the comments section below.


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