Perk Up Your Color Palette in 2015

Feeling ready for a change in the New Year? Perhaps your resolutions have already paled, your décor has lost its holiday sparkle and you need a lift – something to get you inspired for the New Year to come and add some pep to your step.Why not perk up your spirits by embracing some of the hottest new color trends of 2015?

According to Pantone Color Institute, a renowned industry authority on color, the shade to top the charts in 2015 is Marsala.

Perk Up Your Color

This beautiful earthy hue is described as a robust, wine red color that quenches the mind, body and soul. Its reddish-brown tones would add a certain weight and sophistication to any room or blank canvas by serving as a bold driver of design or as a subtle accent to any décor throughout the house.

But, there are many more colors that are making a splash this year.

  • Spring 2015 sees a soft spray of pastels coming to the fore with cool colors like Strawberry Ice and Aquamarine paired with delicious blends of Custard, Tangerine and Toasted Almond for a tasteful infusion of all things fresh and inspired. Used as accents in pillows, sheers or throw fabrics, all of these soft colors will add a subtle splash of vibrancy and fun to any room.
  • For a more stately finish, there is Glacial Gray and Titanium that would inspire creativity in a home office or add a regal feeling without overpowering a space. Both hues offer a smart, savvy look to a décor, adding a sense of clean, crisp expansiveness to a space.
  • Sandstone, Woodbine, Lavender Herb and the “harmonious green” of Treetop all call to the senses and offer a rich, warm palette with which to celebrate the wonders of Nature. Rooms have a way of coming to life when they mirror the magic of the great outdoors.
  • Finally, for those who love all the wild and mild versions of blue, there is the sky reminder of Dusk Blue, the vivid tropical paradise-inspired Scuba Blue and the ever-reliable Classic Blue to add flair and dimension to your home and even your wardrobe.

All of the hues recently debuted by Pantone Color Institute are easily paired, mixed and matched with each other for a splendid spark of fun and color to your life.

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite colors and even about your recent design plans.