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Celebrating Shelter Pets Day

In honor of Shelter Pets Day, it seems fitting to share a “tail” of our TRI Pointe Homes Northern CA doggie rescue!

It was a cold and blustery Wednesday morning, when we first laid eyes on her, at our upcoming Jordan Ranch community in Dublin, coming winter 2017.

She was a tiny little Chihuahua, timidly strolling through the models under construction. She looked lost, cold and in need of some tender loving care.

Enter our hero, Kathy McManus, TRI Pointe Homes Director of Customer Care (how appropriate).  She offered the little dog a blanket and a biscuit as well as a ride to Tri-Valley Animal Shelter.

At the shelter she was greeted with open arms and received the care and kindness needed to get this lovely lady back on her four paws.  Now she is looking for a new home, with a loving family to snuggle with.

Feeling inspired to open your home and heart to an adopted pet this holiday? But looking for a bigger doggy or furry kitten, rabbit, bird or hamster, consider the following adoption options:

Do you have a heartwarming pet adoption story? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below.

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