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Poinsettias Add Color to Home Décor

December  is a great time to introduce a beautiful poinsettia in to your holiday home décor.

Native to sun-drenched Mexico, there are plenty of places throughout your home where a poinsettia can add color and cheer. Best of all, the many poinsettia varieties of texture and hue allow for wonderful and eclectic design options.

For example, add drama to a winding staircase with beautiful bold Tapestry potted poinsettias. This variegated leaf variety, features leaves that are green with yellow edges and red “flowers” which are actually bracts, adding heightened color and a delicate charm.

Bring elegance to your family hearth with the pristine Princettia White poinsettia. Its hearty white leaves make a stunning statement in any setting, adding depth and flair.

Poinsettias are a wonderful reminder of  natures beauty. For more poinsettia images by Jan Fetler, visit UCCE Sacramento County Master Gardners‘ Facebook page.

Poinsettia can also be used outdoors, so tie in your holiday décor and brighten up your outdoor space by accenting your patio or balcony areas with a few potted plants. Smaller plants can add volume of color to a patio table and make ideal centerpieces.

Finally, grace your gourmet kitchen island with an orange spice Autumn Leaves display. These poinsettia varieties showcase bold orange hues and dark green foliage and are considered among the most traditional holiday variations of this popular plant.

What is your favorite poinsettia? Tell us more in the comments.