Recycled Designs Breathe New Life into Home Décor

It’s a new year and you are ready for a change! Not to worry. All it takes is just a little creative thinking and your home décor will be sparkling with all things new and inspired.

That’s because recycled home décor is a popular design trend these days, not only for its economic efficiency, but for the clever way it can brighten up a home. In fact, it’s quite the rage for home fashion mavens everywhere to take to the streets in search of flea market goodies that they can repurpose into something fresh.

Why, you needn’t even step outside your home to achieve a new look. Simply scour through your attic or garage and pull out some long-forgotten pieces that deserve a second chance at life.

Recycled Home Decor
Where to start? Consider these design redo options:

  • Let there be light. Lamps have a way of going out of style pretty quickly. The good news is, they can also cycle back into favor with just a little effort. A newer, more contemporary shade combined with a fabulous gleaming coat of shimmery paint and dangling crystals could definitely liven up a space.
  • Knock on wood. Any leftover wood planks lying the garage could be fashioned into something smart and sturdy. Whether you strip the old or stain it new, the potential for design is endless. Think, book shelves, coffee and end tables, or even shadow boxes to wake up the walls.
  • Boxes and ribbons and frames – oh my! Don’t be afraid to pull out and pull apart some old treasures for the purpose of transforming them into new treasures. Clay gardening pots can be gussied up and brought indoors. Old frames can be made over with color and updated photos and art.
  • The fabric of our lives. Don’t forget your sense of touch. Spruce up tired pillows, chairs and sofas with new prints, patterns and textures. Or drape an old, but not forgotten throw blanket or quilt across your favorite spot in the house to add warmth and a fresh splash of color.
  • Paint the town red. Well, maybe let’s not paint the whole town red, but if your family room furniture is old, dented and scratched, then it’s time to restore them with a new coat of paint. A quick scan of craft and home improvement store paint will reveal a colorful spectrum of options.

Whether you are an expert or emerging repurposed décor enthusiast, we would love to hear about your new designs. Check in with TRI Pointe Homes at