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To notice the first subtle change of the seasons is one of the most exciting feelings of the year, promising renewal and a fresh start. Of course, California residents may suggest that there is just one season in these parts and that is a sun-drenched, forever-summer.

We do experience the seasons here. In fact, you know change is afoot when light slants askew, air turns brisk and night falls early. For those wishing to bring the new season into their homes for a fresh look and feel, consider the following tips:

Fold the vibrant colors of autumn, floral explosions of spring or the cool hues of winter into your décor with new bedding, bathroom towels, warming blankets, plush pillows and even a colorful throw rug to spice up a room and add some seasonal flair. Feel free to toss in some textures that may be associated with the time of year, such as earthy velvets or the sailboat twine of summer.



Decorate your kitchen with seasonal fruits and features – lemons and oranges for spring, sand dollars and starfish for summer and small squash and pumpkin for fall. Placed in a decorative crystal bowl or a tall glass vase, this is unique approach to décor will put you and your family in the mood for a new day.


Seasonal plants and flowers add a beautifully simple dimension to any home design. Consider poinsettias and pine sprigs for winter or cheerful tulips for spring. Whether centered as a display or nestled throughout your home on a mantle or side table, the peaceful presence of nature will add a dash of life to your décor.


Cook with recipes that will fill your home with seasonal goodness. This could mean firing up a smoky-scented BBQ that sends the delicious promise of a summer hot dog wafting on a breeze or a freshly-baked apple pie that lures hearts and tummies to the comfort and warmth of a fall favorite. Add in some scented candles for a vibrant aroma of pumpkin, cranberry, ginger or pine for a heady mixture that will evoke fond memories of seasons past.

What are some of your own best memories of the seasons? Which is your favorite and why? What are some of your favorite decorating traditions? We’d love to hear from you.


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