TRI Pointe Homes Earth Day

Shine Smarter this Earth Day

TRI Pointe Homes Northern California is looking to brighten the world with its homes, its communities and with its – light bulbs. In honor of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 annually, TRI Pointe Homes will trade out your old light bulb with a gift card to purchase a free energy-saving new light bulbs between April 22-24.

The effort is part of our unwavering commitment to conservation and keeping this precious planet of ours fit and healthy. But also because we want every family to experience their best health and comfort in their own home. And the fact that the bulbs are cost efficient is a tremendous plus, of course.

It’s all part of our Living Smart home designs that are crafted to make it easier for modern families to be healthy through improved air quality, energy efficient, earth friendly for conserved resources and water smart. This is all because TRI Pointe Homes believes that living a healthy life starts in the home.

What better time to celebrate that message than during Earth Day when the world is reminded to be mindful of its potentially harmful habits and to manage, track and reduce its energy use for the health of the planet and for our future?

To learn more about what you can do to conserve, visit and to learn more about TRI Pointe Homes’ Living Smart commitment, visit

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